Boone County Utilities Information

The following utility companies serve the Belvidere or Boone County area.
Please contact Village Clerks in varies communities for all services provided locally.

Electric Utility - Comed

Propane Gas Supplier - Hicksgas

Propane Gas Supplier - Hicksgas

Cable Television Service Comcast

Garbage Collection

Confirm With City And Villages If There
Is A Contract And Who That Is.

Mdc Environmental

Veolia Environmental Services

Rock Environmental Services

Waste Management

Public Water & Sewer Service

Villages In Boone County

Areas Covered By Townships:

Private Wells/Potable Water - Boone County Health Department

Natural Gas Service - Nicor Gas

Telephone Local/Landline Service - Most Of Boone County Is Serviced By Frontier

Private Sewage/Septic Requirements - Boone County Health Department