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Belvidere Area Leadership Academy Kick-off

Today we kicked off the 2024 Belvidere Area Leadership Academy.  We are thrilled about the agenda for this 8-month journey for emerging leaders, newcomers, and those eager to dive deeper into our community.

Today Gary Kieper Jr. discussed the results of each participant's DISC profile, what that means for their leadership styles, and how best to communicate with people in each category.

He then gave some great guidance on the 5 levels of leadership and each table had a conversation about people in different levels of leadership.  Each table talked about the relationships they have and the qualities of leaders in their life.  This was a great opportunity for participants to reflect on their style and their relationships with people for which they are accountable.

The group also discussed Character and the impact of character on leadership. Case studies on character was a great look at how character can impact success or failure in business.  Each participant then created a personal character framework.


The final module for the day was about Creating Positive change.

Most people are more comfortable with old problems than new solutions.

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